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In a situation where splatter would require replacing a respirator, the Shield-A-Mask protects the respirator so it can continue to be used, saving the expense of replacing the often hard to procure respirator. The Shield-A-Mask is removed from the respirator, cleansed and reused. With its very free airflow design, the Shield-A-Mask does not cause air restriction to the N95 respirator the way a cloth mask used as a splash shield does.



Our Story  
COVID-19 has inspired many innovative ideas and solutions to problems that we had not even imagined before its outbreak.

My wife, a Registered Dental Hygienist in a periodontal practice, challenged me to create a unique splatter shield for her N95 respirators - a shield that would protect the respirator from direct splatter and aerosolization so the respirator can be reused, as per CDC emergency guidelines. She asked for a comfortable, contoured shield that can be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant and reused. It must be compatible with loupes, headlamps, face shield and other PPE she wears in her profession, as well as give extended protection below and on both sides of the respirator while insuring there is no restriction of airflow to the respirator.

As an innovative artist and product developer, I embraced the challenge and immediately started testing design ideas and crafting prototypes. Together with my business associate, also an experienced product developer and tool manufacturer, we soon realized that the final version of our shield exceeded the goals we desired to achieve. In addition to medical and dental offices, our shield is beneficial in industrial settings, laboratories, emergency services, waste management, construction, chemical facilities, painting businesses and numerous other areas where splatter and N95s clash.

John Running
Craig Milliron



12 Pack of Shield-A-Mask $29.95 - FREE Shipping in the United States.


The Shield-A-Mask is shipped flat in packs of 12 shields. Each shield uses tabs and slots to form the contour shape in moments. It fastens to your N95 or similar mask without any additional fasteners required. An instruction sheet is included with each pack.

Sold and shipped through Arrow Springs.



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